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March 14, 2008



Hello I am an artist from Augusta, Ga who will be protesting at the upcoming Masters Golf tournament for women rights as well as civil rights for those in connection with such organizations..Women are not allowed to join these organizations and minorities and indigent are shunned please support this cause for yourselves as well as for those who cannot speak voice their mistreatment.. Thanks


Hello I am an artist from Augusta, Ga who will be protesting at the upcoming Masters Golf tournament for women rights as well as civil rights for those in connection with such organizations..Women are not allowed to join these organizations and minorities and indigent are shunned please support this cause for yourselves as well as for those who cannot speak voice their mistreatment.. Thanks


Hello I am an artist from Augusta, Ga who will be protesting at the upcoming Masters Golf tournament for women rights as well as civil rights for those in connection with such organizations..Women are not allowed to join these organizations and minorities and indigent are shunned please support this cause for yourselves as well as for those who cannot speak voice their mistreatment.. Thanks

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The Chhaupadi System of Nepal and International Women's Day
By Sagun Basnet

Recently, International women's day bid adieu to us sloganeering "Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all". The juncture in the slogan where "equal rights and equal opportunities" precede "progress for all" intrigued me, albeit I found myself standing at a questioning, if not different, location.

I am a passionate advocate of equal rights and opportunities. However, my concern is, how does one first of all have access to equal rights? Fundamental in the discourse of rights are human rights and I winder if, merely being born as human beings make us eligible to access human rights?

Not generalizing my claim, I take a lucid location for my argument. For corroborating my claim that human rights is cross listed with gender and class, I take into account the Chhaupadi case in Nepal. I understand that I am talking about a deeply rooted culture of my country and I have knowledge that if women face Chhaupadi, they are also revered in many forms there.

I acknowledge the progress made by Nepali women in fields of life and hope that my story can be another step towards the achievement of equal rights. And to add, in no way I wish to give an insider perspective of the Chhaupadi case.

Two months back, a leading Nepali daily published news that a 40 year old woman, Belu Damai, who was kept in an isolated shed during her menstrual period, succumbed to the freezing cold and died. In Far western Nepal, women, during their menstrual periods and after delivering babies are considered impure and are made to stay in sheds for almost a week.

It is believed that if the menstruating woman touches a man or any plant, a pregnant woman or even any animal she brings about their death. These women are barred from taking nutritious food during their menstrual tenure and cannot use conveniences. This system of excluding women from daily activities is called Chhaupadi, which also means having periods in local language.

The Declaration of Human Rights builds up on the notion that it applies to all human beings. The idea is predicated upon the premise that every human being is special and there are certain things which should and shouldn't be done to all. However, when cases like these come in the forefront just before international women's day, I wonder how to locate a woman's rights as a part of universal human rights. Thus, the difficulty is of positioning a universal phenomenon at a particular context.

Human rights declare that "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" and claims that human rights are inalienable to "all members of the human family. But transgression continues to take place in particular locations in the form of Chhaupadi.

The saddest part for me has always been that a need for human rights arises only after there is a human wrong. While there can be no debate about everyone's right to access human rights, the homogeneity of the human family makes me wonder what does this mean to those who do not fall under the purview of this family; For instance, the women who are so dehumanized in this case.

My understanding says, violence dares to happen because the perpetrators, deep inside, feel that they possess the violated. They feel that the violated do not feel pain and anything can be done to them. This so called knowledge then inevitably leads to objectification, domination and thus invisibility of human beings.

Violence occurs because the person against whom the violence is being done is not considered a human being but as a beast of burden, an object. Thus, women here could be made to stay in such conditions bearing the brunt of being born a woman who bleeds and gives birth.

Also for this very reason, even the attempts to end or bring awareness against the Chhaupadi system have instead faced obstacles. A family from Doti district in Nepal was ostracized from the community for not following Chhaupadi. "I advised my wife not to practice chhaupadi as it was dangerous for a woman to stay secluded away from home at night, and thus my family is hated" says B.K. the man of the family.

Thus, I argue that being born as human beings do not necessarily guarantee human rights and incidents like these will not cease to happen because rights are for humans not pseudo humans. For these women to have an access to human rights, they should be considered human beings first of all.

These, for me, are cases when the perpetrators do not think of themselves as violating human rights: for they are not doing these things to fellow human beings, but, to women. And they are doing it even when women are celebrating the leap of womanhood in other places.

I have no skepticism about the ongoing activism against the system, and about women's progress; still I am apprehensive about the human mind that plays a vital part in rendering these rights to non humans. On top of any political debate is the fact that every human being should be able to lead a dignified life enjoying their rights provided there is a favorable environment born out of a mind that sees the other as equal.

Thus the question is not if equal rights bring progress, but how to transform the entrenched myths which stop a human being from accessing rights first?

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Sagun Basnet is a Fulbright scholar, studying at New York University, who writes about issues affecting the people of Nepal. Contact Sagun through her blog sagunbasnet.wordpress.com .

muslim women rights

The issue of woman in Islam was clear and never debated among Muslims. Allah (swt) created men and women and legislated general responsibilities for both, such as carrying the Daw'ah and holding the rulers accountable, in addition to designating specific responsibilities for each gender. Muslims acknowledged that sovereignty belongs to Allah, and the rules related to both men and women are Islamic rules deduced through ijtihad based upon the daleel. It was implicitly recognized among Muslims that the process of ijtihad and the concept of daleel are not sex-dependent, and thus, a ''male'' or ''female'' understanding of Islam never emerged.

Leonard Pearlstein

There is an event coming up in Philadelphia we thought you might be interested in.
Help fight crimes against women, particularly the over 700 unsolved murders of women in the Mexican bordertown of Juarez.

workouts for women

Why do people continue to listen to this two-faced politician? It just boggles my mind.


Manhattan: Corruption in the New York Matrimonial Court.

The rights of women with deadbeat husbands must be supported in court. Judge Laura Drager ignores the rights of children and moms in favor of Billionaire Deadbeat Dads. This happens in this court all too often. See New York Post, Kevin Fasick, February 8, 2010, "Tycoon's Kids Rendered Homeless".

Judge Laura Drager is now evicted a mom and three children while her deadbeat husband is of on a Jet-Set vacation throughout Europe for three weeks. This Judge was a no-show for scheduled conferences and calls on this matter. She just wouldn't address the issues. The wife has no money,,,bad credit and Judge Drager told her to take out a bridge loan. Judge Laura Drager must be thrown off the bench and the rights of the 24/7 mom with deadbeat husbands must be protected. In Manhattan 's Matrimonial Courts... Judges like their billionaires


with the internet as open as it is, and growing, it's getting far too easy to spread hate and abusive humor against women. I ask for any who may read this message to visit the facebook fan site (posted below) which promotes a misogynistic message, and to click 'report' on it in order to get it off.

thank you.


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I’m writing this, in conjunction to producing Model Culture Midnight Diaries, to raise awareness on the exploits that are happening in the international modeling world. I just finished five years travelling in this industry, and I have come across WAY too many Girls and Boys who have been hurt, abused, ripped off, raped, and even beaten. It’s horrible I know but please keep reading.

Basically, I’ve produced an Expose Documentary that BLOWS THE LID off this horrible garbage. In Milan and Athens, I encountered more than a handful of girls who were invited out to the VIP Models Night, where hungry models, usually under age, are given free drinks as long as they provide company to rich disgusting men.

International Modeling goes a little something like this: a young female model arrives to Milan, or Athens, or Paris... she is given a bed to sleep in, along with another six or seven girls, in a cramped models apartment. They sometimes get a weekly spending allowance, $50 if they are lucky. Needless to say, the young girls are hungry, and are desperate to meet people, have fun, and feel safe. Barely able to buy groceries, these girls jump at the opportunity to goto an exclusive night where food and drinks will be free. From this point, it gets really bad.

The goal of the VIP Models Night seems to be: invite many young female models (male models are excluded, as they might get in the way of this terrible human traffic ring), given free drinks, and eventually given Rohipnol, a date-rape drug. The girls then wake up the next morning having been violate, and sometimes even physically abused. This is FUCKING DISGUSTING, and hearing it FIRST HAND, it made my Blood BOIL!

Other situations I commonly encountered were of photographers or clients (the ones offering the Jobs to the models, so, basically, the "bosses") doing the same thing: luring young girls into a photoshoot at their apartment, then sending the makeup and stylist girl home (if they were there to begin with), and then this creepy, evil little photographer man descends upon the poor young girl, and either creeps her out to the point of crying, or forcing himself upon her. It NEEDS TO STOP this Evil shit! Pardon my French!

Just a week ago, I heard of THREE instances of girls being flown by plane out to do a modeling contract, one in India, one in Singapore, and the other in Korea. Upon arrival, in the Korea instance, the Modeling agent (the one who is supposed to take care of the young girls) took the girl into the elevator, where two men entered. They put a knife to her and forced her into sex.

Needless to say, I want to KILL these FUCKS! But I can't, because then I'll goto some Korean prison and never be hear from again! So, instead, I produced a Documentary, interviewing the girls who have been done wrong, and candidly taping conversations of agents, clients, and the like.

As a result, my little Model Culture film landed it's own Web TV Channel: http://www.davecotetv.com/ , and by viewing it, $0.0025 is raised in the Awareness Campaign. So PLEASE watch it, and forward it. It doesn’t sound like much, but once I reach a 10 million views and names, I get the funding to finish the Full Film!
I won’t attach pictures of the hurt girls, but I will ask that you PLEASE watch “Model Culture Midnight Diaries” here:http://www.davecotetv.com/

In another instance I worked with a girl, God rest her soul, who was raped on a photoshoot. Her dad worked for the US Pentagon, and STILL this shit happened to her. Nobody's daughter is safe, because in other Countries, they just don't CARE! THIS HAS TO STOP!
So, please PLEASE watch my film, "Model Culture - Midnight Diaries", and forward this to AS MANY people as your Heart is willing, and the Karma Points will be more than I have words for. You’ll see what I mean in the Short film “Model Culture Midnight Diaries”. Here it is again http://www.davecotetv.com/

Alternatively, you can Donate $1 (but Only $1) buy going to the Donate Banner (takes you to PayPal): http://www.modelculturemidnightdiaries.com/

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
May God Bless you,
Dave Cote

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Hi guys,
My friend and i are doing a HIstory Project and we Need Help! we are doing it on women's suffrage! help is greatly appreaciated!!!!!!! really confused...

June Harris

It is important to understand that all women across the world should be created equal and we should stand up for their rights!


march 8

where is google's recognition of international women's day????????

Nidhi Reddy

Hi I tried to email you but it didn't work!

I work for KUT Radio in Austin, TX and we recently did interviews and other pieces for Women's History Month. We're trying to get them out to women's organizations and others who would be interested in these articles, video interviews, and links. If there was any way you could either post this link up on your blog, that would be great! Here is the link: http://kut.org/texas-womens-history-month/

P.S. I really admire your blog. It celebrates our achievements while showing that women still do not have equal rights nor an equal voice. Thanks for creating it!


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