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March 14, 2008



The Elephant in the Room: Obama: A harsh ideologue hidden by a feel-good image

By Rick Santorum
American voters will choose between two candidates this election year.

One inspires hope for a brighter, better tomorrow. His rhetoric makes us feel we are, indeed, one nation indivisible - indivisible by ideology or religion, indivisible by race or creed. It is rhetoric of hope and change and possibility. It's inspiring. This candidate can make you just plain feel good to be American.

The other candidate, by contrast, is one of the Senate's fiercest partisans. This senator reflexively sides with the party's extreme wing. There's no record of working with the other side of the aisle. None. It's basically been my way or the highway, combined with a sanctimoniousness that breeds contempt among those on the other side of any issue.

Which of these two candidates should be our next president? The choice is clear, right?

Wrong, because they're both the same man - Barack Obama.

Granted, the first-term Illinois senator's lofty rhetoric of bipartisanship, unity, hope and change makes everyone feel good. But it's becoming increasingly clear that his grand campaign rhetoric does not match his partisan, ideological record. The nonpartisan National Journal, for example, recently rated Obama the Senate's most liberal member. That's besting some tough competition from orthodox liberals such as Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer.

John McCain's campaign and conservative pundits have listed the numerous times in Obama's short Senate career where he sided with the extremes in his party against broadly supported compromises on issues such as immigration, ethics reform, terrorist surveillance and war funding. Fighting on the fringe with a handful of liberals is one thing, but consider his position on an issue that passed both houses of Congress unanimously in 2002.

That bill was the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. During the partial-birth abortion debate, Congress heard testimony about babies that had survived attempted late-term abortions. Nurses testified that these preterm living, breathing babies were being thrown into medical waste bins to die or being "terminated" outside the womb. With the baby now completely separated from the mother, it was impossible to argue that the health or life of the mother was in jeopardy by giving her baby appropriate medical treatment.

The act simply prohibited the killing of a baby born alive. To address the concerns of pro-choice lawmakers, the bill included language that said nothing "shall be construed to affirm, deny, expand or contract any legal status or legal right" of the baby. In other words, the bill wasn't intruding on Roe v. Wade.

Who would oppose a bill that said you couldn't kill a baby who was born? Not Kennedy, Boxer or Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not even the hard-core National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Obama, however, is another story. The year after the Born Alive Infants Protection Act became federal law in 2002, identical language was considered in a committee of the Illinois Senate. It was defeated with the committee's chairman, Obama, leading the opposition.

Let's be clear about what Obama did, once in 2003 and twice before that. He effectively voted for infanticide. He voted to allow doctors to deny medically appropriate treatment or, worse yet, actively kill a completely delivered living baby. Infanticide - I wonder if he'll add this to the list of changes in his next victory speech and if the crowd will roar: "Yes, we can."

How could someone possibly justify such a vote? In March 2001, Obama was the sole speaker in opposition to the bill on the floor of the Illinois Senate. He said: "We're saying they are persons entitled to the kinds of protections provided to a child, a 9-month child delivered to term. I mean, it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal-protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child." So according to Obama, "they," babies who survive abortions or any other preterm newborns, should be permitted to be killed because giving legal protection to preterm newborns would have the effect of banning all abortions.

Justifying the killing of newborn babies is deeply troubling, but just as striking is his rigid adherence to doctrinaire liberalism. Apparently, the "audacity of hope" is limited only to those babies born at full term and beyond. Worse, given his support for late-term partial-birth abortions that supporters argued were necessary to end the life of genetically imperfect children, it may be more accurate to say the audacity of hope applies only to those babies born healthy at full term.

Obama's supporters say his rhetoric makes them believe again.

Is this the kind of change and leader you believe in?


The position Obama took on the floor of the Senate house on voting against this Bill was flawed from the outset.

His contention was that he wanted to maintain Roe v Wade. Commendable.

Yet Infanticide and providing medical treatment for neonates has nothing to do with women's rights. These babies were products of botched abortions and therefore providing medical treatment, in no way, shape or form infringed upon a woman's right to choose. Indeed, the birth of the baby ensured that the process had moved on from the choice of whether to have an abortion or not.

What is crucial is that there is no correlation between the Born Alive Infant Protection Act which should have been signed into law, and Obama's contention of limiting abortion.

Being aborted alive and shelved to die in soiled utility rooms is infanticide. Introducing this legislation at a federal level would have enabled these fetus' to have constitutionally protected rights to equal protection, whether or not they were desired or wanted.

Senator's Clinton, Kerry recognized that a woman's right to choose stops at delivery. Logically, and legally this is correct. The State already has an overwhelming interest through the Supreme Courts rulings at viability - clearly once delivered, the baby has locus standi. There is no maternal-fetal conflict because the fetus is no longer in Utero and therefore has legal personhood.

Other stances included that NARAL went neutral on it, and abortion enthusiasts publicly agreed that fighting this Bill would appear extreme.

In Illinois however, Senate Obama ensured that the Bill repeatedly failed. Since he left the Senate in 2005 it has been passed into law at the Federal Level providing equal treatment for unborn babies.

Equal rights ensure medical treatment rights. This is the importance of the law.

Obama didn't merely stop at voting against the Bill. He went much further. As chairman of the Senate hearing committee to which the Bill was sent, Obama stopped it from getting a hearing. Babies were still be shelved at this point and were dying as a consequence of this treatment.

So support for Abortion must be clarified by Obama - what does this actually mean?How does banning infanticide interfere with abortion?

He could not answer that because there is no logical answer. But asking the question is important - as is the right to life.


For months now, smug condescending, self righteous Obamabots have been calling for Senator Clinton to drop out. They have resorted to personal attacks, character assassination, and ugly insults, rather than addressing the issues ... and, disregarding, and disrespecting the 17 million Clinton supporters, as if we don't even exist, or don't even count. If Obama wins the democratic nomination, I urge fellow Clinton supporters to respond by voting for John McCain in November, as well as voting the super delegates, who jumped Hillary's ship, out of office.

Hassan Abbas

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A Glorious Dawn…And A Better Day

To Dr.Afia Siddiqui - prisoner # 650 in American custody

Another dawn …another day,
Disgrace; insult is thrown our way;
Yet shamelessly on their golden perch
The spineless look - Oh how they sway!

As if there is no Lord above,
They with the devil-hand in glove;
Selling our dearest values and souls,
For gold and power – push and shove!

This crime you saw they so denied,
To filthy scum they sold the bride;
Yet the mighty Creator seeing it all
Unveils the gruesome act they hide!

Amongst ravenous wolves the fair one lies,
As from brutish hands she helplessly flies;
A suffering sister sane no more,
Her anguished screams - they rent the skies.

And this is all the pride you boast,
Our tormentors you daily host !
But yesterday we shared the cup,
- And today so far apart we coast ?

When comes a ‘Qasim’ to stem this rot?
Of Almighty Allah and His Messenger forgot!
Of cheaply selling our heritage which -
With submission and sacrifice was dearly bought.

And yet the strong will go their way,
As an ‘Iftikhar’ keep the monsters at bay;
Afia! Our elders pray, while the braver fight -
For a glorious dawn…….. and a better day!

Authors Comments: I was motivated to write this poem after reading the shockingly monstrous, inhuman and criminally illegal way the US forces in Afghanistan have treated a Pakistani married women and her small children for the past 5 years.You can see the details of this at the Pakistani blog http://www.teeth.com.pk ; After repeatedly denying any knowledge of her whereabouts for the past 5 years the Americans have finally been forced to admit to their evil act because of the efforts of Mr.Moazzam Begg who recounted his experiences as a US prisoner in a book ; British Lord Nazeer; a British journalist Yvonne Ridley; and a number of human rights organizations (here is one press release you can read http://www.ahrchk.net/ua/mainfile.php/2008/2947/ ;)who have presented evidence of a certain prisoner-of-war known as Prisoner 650 who was in terrible medical condition within an American prison located in Afghanistan - and that they had reason to suspect that Prisoner 650 is Dr. Afia Siddiqui.

I ask readers of this poem to please join the cause to get her release by signing this petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/af258633/petition.html ……..and doing anything else to protest this American monstrosity- if you so wish.

May I request you to please give this appeal the widest circulation. We may yet save the US forces in Afghanistan from disgracing themselves and the American people even further .


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Here is a great article about the way in which women saw other women rising above the fold in the early sixties: http://praxislogos.com


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Hi Guys,
My friend and I live in a community -- near New York -- where people are skeptical of the women's rights movement in general, and especially owmen's righs abroad. My friend and I are in high school, and would like nothing more than to prove them wrong, even if that is $10 at a time. Can you help spread the word?

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