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March 11, 2008



Oman is one of the most advanced and liberal countries in the Gulf region


You posted a great blog! I think every government or majesty needs to recognize and honor the woman of the world. We are the glue that supports and holds a family together. I feel there are many families out there that would fall apart if it wasn't for the love and support of a mom, wife and friend.

I just posted a blog talking about womens rights - check it out please and let me know your thoughts.



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I am a single mother ........I have a 10 years old daughter who is a US citizen. I am divorced for eight years. I have the custody over my child. The father who is Omani and married to another woman is holding my daughter's passport for five years. He has been abusing the child emotionally and physically whenever she visits him..........I talked to local authorities several times but they did not take action about it.............
The child dose not want to visit her dad and she is terrified........but authorities are taking her by force all the time crying and screaming...............

Each time I complain to them about how he is abusing the child, they will send me to jail............they are on the dad's side all the time..........

I have been sent to jail becuase the child refuses to go to visit her dad.................
We are suffering and don't feel safe for five years now, she wakes up at night screaming and crying..........I need help and protection for my daugher............

Katie Macmillan

Women in South Carolina are still fighting for their rights. It is legal for a pharmacist to refuse to fill a woman’s birth control PRESCRIPTION if she is not married. Legislators are trying to completely ban birth control for the entire state. We have to continue fighting for our rights! The New Morning Foundation in Columbia, SC is looking for supporters. We have a Virtual March occurring on March 23. We need you to sign-up. If you sign-up you will not be subjected to mass e-mails. On March 23, our organization would send a preformatted e-mail telling legislators that we want our rights to birth control. All you have to do is press a button and help change the history of the state of South Carolina.

Join us today at tellthemsc.org

It doesn’t matter what state you are from, just that you support us. For more information log on to our website or visit us at Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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whatever our interests, our rights are undeniable and must be enforced in any circumstance

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I have been sent to jail because the child refuses to go to visit her dad.................
We are suffering and don't feel safe for five years now, she wakes up at night screaming and crying..........I need help and protection for my daughter............

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Model Culture Uncovers Sexual Abuse against Women

I’m writing this, in conjunction to producing Model Culture Midnight Diaries, to raise awareness on the exploits that are happening in the international modeling world. I just finished five years travelling in this industry, and I have come across WAY too many Girls and Boys who have been hurt, abused, ripped off, raped, and even beaten. It’s horrible I know but please keep reading.

Basically, I’ve produced an Expose Documentary that BLOWS THE LID off this horrible garbage. In Milan and Athens, I encountered more than a handful of girls who were invited out to the VIP Models Night, where hungry models, usually under age, are given free drinks as long as they provide company to rich disgusting men.

International Modeling goes a little something like this: a young female model arrives to Milan, or Athens, or Paris... she is given a bed to sleep in, along with another six or seven girls, in a cramped models apartment. They sometimes get a weekly spending allowance, $50 if they are lucky. Needless to say, the young girls are hungry, and are desperate to meet people, have fun, and feel safe. Barely able to buy groceries, these girls jump at the opportunity to goto an exclusive night where food and drinks will be free. From this point, it gets really bad.

The goal of the VIP Models Night seems to be: invite many young female models (male models are excluded, as they might get in the way of this terrible human traffic ring), given free drinks, and eventually given Rohipnol, a date-rape drug. The girls then wake up the next morning having been violate, and sometimes even physically abused. This is FUCKING DISGUSTING, and hearing it FIRST HAND, it made my Blood BOIL!

Other situations I commonly encountered were of photographers or clients (the ones offering the Jobs to the models, so, basically, the "bosses") doing the same thing: luring young girls into a photoshoot at their apartment, then sending the makeup and stylist girl home (if they were there to begin with), and then this creepy, evil little photographer man descends upon the poor young girl, and either creeps her out to the point of crying, or forcing himself upon her. It NEEDS TO STOP this Evil shit! Pardon my French!

Just a week ago, I heard of THREE instances of girls being flown by plane out to do a modeling contract, one in India, one in Singapore, and the other in Korea. Upon arrival, in the Korea instance, the Modeling agent (the one who is supposed to take care of the young girls) took the girl into the elevator, where two men entered. They put a knife to her and forced her into sex.

Needless to say, I want to KILL these FUCKS! But I can't, because then I'll goto some Korean prison and never be hear from again! So, instead, I produced a Documentary, interviewing the girls who have been done wrong, and candidly taping conversations of agents, clients, and the like.

As a result, my little Model Culture film landed it's own Web TV Channel: http://www.davecotetv.com/ , and by viewing it, $0.0025 is raised in the Awareness Campaign. So PLEASE watch it, and forward it. It doesn’t sound like much, but once I reach a 10 million views and names, I get the funding to finish the Full Film!
I won’t attach pictures of the hurt girls, but I will ask that you PLEASE watch “Model Culture Midnight Diaries” here:http://www.davecotetv.com/

In another instance I worked with a girl, God rest her soul, who was raped on a photoshoot. Her dad worked for the US Pentagon, and STILL this shit happened to her. Nobody's daughter is safe, because in other Countries, they just don't CARE! THIS HAS TO STOP!
So, please PLEASE watch my film, "Model Culture - Midnight Diaries", and forward this to AS MANY people as your Heart is willing, and the Karma Points will be more than I have words for. You’ll see what I mean in the Short film “Model Culture Midnight Diaries”. Here it is again http://www.davecotetv.com/

Alternatively, you can Donate $1 (but Only $1) buy going to the Donate Banner (takes you to PayPal): http://www.modelculturemidnightdiaries.com/

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
May God Bless you,
Dave Cote

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Hi There
Way cool stuff, will have to try it. By teh way, down load link does not work. Can you please help? gracias


Omani man can sponsor the forenier wife no matter wheere she is from

Omani woman cannot even sponsor her childs born from marriage with non GCC countries citizen, even if the marriage is legally approved
Are this human rights?

Hugo Koch

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