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March 10, 2008



'Oman is one of the most advanced countries in the Gulf region as far as women's rights are concerned'
I agree this statement.
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:) oMan



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of course, the Omani woman has taken her social, political and economic rights. In addition, Sultan Qaboos repeatedly makes an emhasis on integrating the Omani women into every activity held in the country. As a result the Omani woman is now considered a rival to the Omani men.

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Well, glad to hear that the Omani woman is now considered to be a rival to the Omani men, but there's a long way to go for women all over the world..

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Many women choose to leave the rat race because their peers (and potential mates) judge them less by their incomes, and there is less pressure on them to be the breadwinner in their families.

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Model Culture Uncovers Sexual Abuse against Women

I’m writing this, in conjunction to producing Model Culture Midnight Diaries, to raise awareness on the exploits that are happening in the international modeling world. I just finished five years travelling in this industry, and I have come across WAY too many Girls and Boys who have been hurt, abused, ripped off, raped, and even beaten. It’s horrible I know but please keep reading.

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International Modeling goes a little something like this: a young female model arrives to Milan, or Athens, or Paris... she is given a bed to sleep in, along with another six or seven girls, in a cramped models apartment. They sometimes get a weekly spending allowance, $50 if they are lucky. Needless to say, the young girls are hungry, and are desperate to meet people, have fun, and feel safe. Barely able to buy groceries, these girls jump at the opportunity to goto an exclusive night where food and drinks will be free. From this point, it gets really bad.

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Other situations I commonly encountered were of photographers or clients (the ones offering the Jobs to the models, so, basically, the "bosses") doing the same thing: luring young girls into a photoshoot at their apartment, then sending the makeup and stylist girl home (if they were there to begin with), and then this creepy, evil little photographer man descends upon the poor young girl, and either creeps her out to the point of crying, or forcing himself upon her. It NEEDS TO STOP this Evil shit! Pardon my French!

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Needless to say, I want to KILL these FUCKS! But I can't, because then I'll goto some Korean prison and never be hear from again! So, instead, I produced a Documentary, interviewing the girls who have been done wrong, and candidly taping conversations of agents, clients, and the like.

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So, please PLEASE watch my film, "Model Culture - Midnight Diaries", and forward this to AS MANY people as your Heart is willing, and the Karma Points will be more than I have words for. You’ll see what I mean in the Short film “Model Culture Midnight Diaries”. Here it is again http://www.davecotetv.com/

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