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March 03, 2008





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Annoucement for WOMEN

Come protest for womens rights at 7 Church Circle
Annaplois Maryland (11:00)in front of the Anne Arundel County
Circuit Court regarding
Maryland Family Law Rights.
I have been denied my rights. 410-310-2672

Womens Winter Coats

Looking forward to seeing what advances we have come next women's month of 2010.


maljay3 / Andy_is_randy on myredbook.com , the prostitution site is threatening my life , & my right to freedom of speech

no woman or teenager that has been raped should be forced to carry what could be a child to term about 1 hour ago via web

...my body, not the goverments.

pro abortion

luvmenot & durruti, on prostitution site myredbook.com seem to be bots. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chatterbots

Other things about myredbook are that about %50 of the " people " are " bots " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chatterbots

Son of former gun shop Eddies gun shop, in mountain view, hired by Mike H & John D, ran the women / escorts, down to hurt them & scare them

mike h, & John Doffing, hired son of former gun shop Eddies Guns in Mountain View, California 2 do thing like run women down when exercising

mike h, " possible " prostitution guy has unregistered guns, at least used to use methamphetamine. Friends with John D.

Mh, the " e.e. " prostitution guy on border san jose / saratoga ; best friend in lake tahoe , elmer s, charged w/ child molestation

1 other major prostitution guy is the cio of a well know hospital between mountain view & atherton California. Has 2 daughters.

Andy_is_randy threatens women, calls them crazy etc when they say I will not let you defecate or pee in my mouth , on myredbook. He stalks

bombsaway is essentially attempting to also spread aids & stds , knowingly . He graduated from MIT, & has 1 daughter & 1 son ! Dangerous !

bombsaway forces women to let him pee on them, & forces them to have sex with him without protection. He is a " monger " on myredbook.com

andy_is_randy lives in Campbell, California across the street from a shopping center, drives a silver vehicle, & has a daughter

Andy_is_randy, on prostitution st myredbook.com,forces women to have him defecate in their mouths. He is attempting to spread std's & hiv 2

MH works in Sunnyvale, & lives 2 or 3 streets from Nordstroms Rack , Ross, Target etc on Saratoga in San Jose Ca. His brother is a j.d.

Put 5 names and other information on my blog of guys involved with the prostitution. There ar others ; another main 1 w/ the initials MH

Check out : blogspot or google blogspot. Notabarbieortrophywife, entitled Not a trophy wife

Santa Clara county , & San Mateo county, in California, have some pretty corrupt judges, police chiefs, police officers & attorneys

When a judge lives 3 miles from someone that appears in their courtroom, in small town, that judge should remove themselves from the case

John Doffing may be connected to backpage.com , erosguide & claimed to be connected to craigslist. He says Gavin Newson is a good friend

John Doffing, who may run myredbook, senators, judges etc should not get away with making women felons & forcing women into prostitution

Judges, senators etc & john doffing who may run myredbook (John) go out of their way to make felons out of women , forcing women into it

I'm very much aware men that using myredbook.com are graduates of MIT, / professors at Stanford etc. They are well connected & protected

If my suspicions are correct, John Doffing is a very dangerous person. He may very well have senators , judges etc on his on his payroll

There is a guy named John Doffing that I suspect is running the website myredbook.com. It's a website where women can advertise sex for $

( read bottom to top )


Model Culture Uncovers Sexual Abuse against Women

I’m writing this, in conjunction to producing Model Culture Midnight Diaries, to raise awareness on the exploits that are happening in the international modeling world. I just finished five years travelling in this industry, and I have come across WAY too many Girls and Boys who have been hurt, abused, ripped off, raped, and even beaten. It’s horrible I know but please keep reading.

Basically, I’ve produced an Expose Documentary that BLOWS THE LID off this horrible garbage. In Milan and Athens, I encountered more than a handful of girls who were invited out to the VIP Models Night, where hungry models, usually under age, are given free drinks as long as they provide company to rich disgusting men.

International Modeling goes a little something like this: a young female model arrives to Milan, or Athens, or Paris... she is given a bed to sleep in, along with another six or seven girls, in a cramped models apartment. They sometimes get a weekly spending allowance, $50 if they are lucky. Needless to say, the young girls are hungry, and are desperate to meet people, have fun, and feel safe. Barely able to buy groceries, these girls jump at the opportunity to goto an exclusive night where food and drinks will be free. From this point, it gets really bad.

The goal of the VIP Models Night seems to be: invite many young female models (male models are excluded, as they might get in the way of this terrible human traffic ring), given free drinks, and eventually given Rohipnol, a date-rape drug. The girls then wake up the next morning having been violate, and sometimes even physically abused. This is FUCKING DISGUSTING, and hearing it FIRST HAND, it made my Blood BOIL!

Other situations I commonly encountered were of photographers or clients (the ones offering the Jobs to the models, so, basically, the "bosses") doing the same thing: luring young girls into a photoshoot at their apartment, then sending the makeup and stylist girl home (if they were there to begin with), and then this creepy, evil little photographer man descends upon the poor young girl, and either creeps her out to the point of crying, or forcing himself upon her. It NEEDS TO STOP this Evil shit! Pardon my French!

Just a week ago, I heard of THREE instances of girls being flown by plane out to do a modeling contract, one in India, one in Singapore, and the other in Korea. Upon arrival, in the Korea instance, the Modeling agent (the one who is supposed to take care of the young girls) took the girl into the elevator, where two men entered. They put a knife to her and forced her into sex.

Needless to say, I want to KILL these FUCKS! But I can't, because then I'll goto some Korean prison and never be hear from again! So, instead, I produced a Documentary, interviewing the girls who have been done wrong, and candidly taping conversations of agents, clients, and the like.

As a result, my little Model Culture film landed it's own Web TV Channel: http://www.davecotetv.com/ , and by viewing it, $0.0025 is raised in the Awareness Campaign. So PLEASE watch it, and forward it. It doesn’t sound like much, but once I reach a 10 million views and names, I get the funding to finish the Full Film!
I won’t attach pictures of the hurt girls, but I will ask that you PLEASE watch “Model Culture Midnight Diaries” here:http://www.davecotetv.com/

In another instance I worked with a girl, God rest her soul, who was raped on a photoshoot. Her dad worked for the US Pentagon, and STILL this shit happened to her. Nobody's daughter is safe, because in other Countries, they just don't CARE! THIS HAS TO STOP!
So, please PLEASE watch my film, "Model Culture - Midnight Diaries", and forward this to AS MANY people as your Heart is willing, and the Karma Points will be more than I have words for. You’ll see what I mean in the Short film “Model Culture Midnight Diaries”. Here it is again http://www.davecotetv.com/

Alternatively, you can Donate $1 (but Only $1) buy going to the Donate Banner (takes you to PayPal): http://www.modelculturemidnightdiaries.com/

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
May God Bless you,
Dave Cote

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